Author: Eric L. Woods

BS in Industrial Engineering. Engineer and IT Professional for multiple Fortune 500 Corporations and major healthcare and educational institutions from NYC to NC currently as a Project Manager at UNC Healthcare. Mild mannered husband, father, engineer, IT geek, former Pastor, car nut, and singer. Lover of photography since being introduced to it by his father. Still embraces film with a collection of vintage medium format and 35mm cameras as well as appreciating the convenience and capabilities of digital with experience in many brands and forms of camera from DSLR to mirrorless. Loves to shoot portraits, capture nature, architecture and street environments as well as candid. Photocred: Edde Burgess,

People Who Have Inspired My Photography

Who has inspired my photography? There are many that come to mind in the conventional sense. Your go-to legends like Gordon Parks, Ansel Adams,…