DIY Photo Cards & More

Have you ever browsed through a display of greeting cards and been unable to find the perfect one you were looking for?  We know we have!  Add a personal and thoughtful touch to your next special event by making your own greeting card.  It’s a fun way to indulge your creativity and make a fully customizable card.  You have the freedom to pick your own color scheme and wording to capture the perfect mood or moment.      

Camera Inspired Greeting Card

Surprise the photographer in your life with a custom camera shaped greeting card.  Simply fold a sheet of cardstock in half, and cut out a rectangular shape with the hinge either on the side or top (just be sure to leave room to cut out the flash and shutter release).  For those that prefer a guide, a quick Google search for “camera card template” will yield lots of creative camera shapes to choose from as well.  (We like this one from Paper Scrapz).

Camera Inspired Greeting Card w/ Pocket for a Photo 

Add your own wording, the recipient’s favorite color or any other decorative items you would like.  It’s totally up to you!  You can even create a little “pocket” by adhering an extra piece of cardstock to the inside of the card (make sure to glue just the edges).  It’s a handy way to include a photo with your greeting card.

Camera Inspired Greeting Card

Attaching a piece of ribbon to your card is a clever way of adding a “strap” to your camera.

Camera Inspired Greeting Card w/ Pocket for a Gift

The “pocket” on the inside of the card can also hold a gift card or cash for the recipient.  

Camera Inspired Greeting Cards

Decorating a DIY greeting card is a great way to express your creativity.  Your favorite photographer or camera lover will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful card!

Photo Ornament

Another great DIY photo related craft is a personalized ornament.  With the holiday season upon us, all the arts & craft stores have an assortment of inexpensive ornaments to choose from (we used a clear, plastic ornament).  Print one of your favorite photos and roll it just enough to drop inside of the ornament.  We used white tissue paper to “pad” the photo so it wouldn’t slide around, but you can use any decorative item(s) you have handy.  Add a bit of ribbon to the hook, and you now have a festive and personalized ornament.

Fan Submitted Cross Stitch of KEH Logo

Creative, DIY projects aren’t just abundant at KEH.  They are popular with our fans too! We simply adore this fan submitted cross stitch design of the KEH Camera logo.

Fan Submitted Camera Charm

We also received a cute camera charm from another creative fan!

Fan Submitted Camera Earrings
Plus, a matching pair of camera inspired earrings as well!
We love photography and camera inspired DIY crafts.  We hope we’ve helped to ignite your creativity, and we’d be delighted to hear about your projects!


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