The Personal Photographic Project


November 3 - 07:00 pm


November 5 - 12:00 pm

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Mark Maio x KEH Camera


Lumiere Gallery

425 Peachtree Hills Ave Building 5, Suite 29B , Atlanta, GA 30305

Atlanta, GA, US, 30305

The Personal Photographic Project: Developing, exhibiting and publishing your work.

A Weekend Master Class in Atlanta with Mark Maio & Tim Barnwell

  • Do you have groups of photographs that seem connected but you’re not sure how?

  • Do you find yourself making technically sound photographs that don’t seem to say anything?

  • Have you been working on a personal project but need to finish it for exhibition or publication?

Join Mark Maio and Tim Barnwell as they share insights and information on how they have overcome these challenges and others in their own work. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we will encourage direct and sometimes blunt discussion.

Our workshop, limited to twelve participants, will be conducted at the Lumiere Gallery in Atlanta, GA. Lumiere is the gallery that represents both Tim and Mark’s work. The location has been chosen to provide easy accessibility and an environment where we can connect to our work and with each other without the distractions of everyday life. Reaching beyond the technical issues of photography, our group of advancing photographers will share their images with creative, accomplished professional photographers in a friendly and encouraging setting.

The program is open to experienced photographers working in all areas of interest and subject matter. Participants will identify themes in their current photography, select a subject to explore in depth, and learn the skills needed to follow their project from concept through completion. Learn how to tell a story with your images – approaching your subject from new and different perspectives.

The workshop will convene at the Lumiere Gallery on Friday, November 3rd at 7:00pm for an informal reception hosted by gallery director Tony Casadonte. Tony will highlight the gallery’s mission and its relationship with artists and collectors. In addition to having a unique opportunity for one-on-one time with a gallery director, the reception will also provide the attendees with an opportunity to get acquainted in a relaxed, informal setting.

Saturday will begin at 9AM with an overview of both Mark’s and Tim’s project work and continue with an assessment/evaluation of participants’ existing images. The remainder of the day will include discussions on what might be needed to enrich each project, and culminating with a plan of action on how to proceed. This day will end at 5PM. Other topics will include:

  • learning to edit your work

  • developing databases to organize images

  • writing artist statements and cover letters to accompany submissions

  • submitting proposals to galleries

  • developing an article or book prototype to present to publishers

  • how to identify & contact appropriate magazine editors, book publishers & gallery owners

  • printing, framing, and mounting a photographic exhibit

Sunday morning at 9AM will be devoted to any topics not covered on Saturday and a final review of each participant’s action plan for moving their project forward till 12PM.

If you have an area of special interest in your photography that you’d like to explore and strengthen, then please join other like-minded individuals for this unique and exciting workshop.

Questions? Contact Mark Maio: [email protected]   404-386-5676