The Silo City Photography Workshop


October 19 - 07:00 pm


October 22 - 12:00 pm

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Mark Maio x KEH Camera


The Buffalo Grain Elevators and the Francis G. Ward Pumping Station

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York, US

The Silo City Photography Workshop

The unique opportunity to conduct a photography workshop at Buffalo’s Childs Street grain elevators is due to the vision and generosity of Rick Smith. Rick owns six acres of privately controlled abandoned grain elevators along the Buffalo River. Rick’s vision for the area is to make it a multipurpose facility featuring design, the arts, entertainment and industrial heritage.

I met Rick in June of 2012 after he invited me to spend an afternoon photographing the grain elevators and outbuildings on his property. Within the first hour of exploring the area, I knew I wanted to conduct a workshop onsite. I also figured there were other photographers who, like me, enjoyed abandoned industrial spaces for both their aesthetic as well as their historical and architectural significance.

In all the years I had photographed the grain unloading process in Buffalo, my only images of the elevators were made from the outside along the river. I respected the “No Trespassing” signs posted along the abandoned elevators and couldn’t secure permission to get inside those still in operation. The opportunity to organize a two and a half day workshop with authorized unlimited access to every area of Rick’s grain elevators and outbuildings was too good to pass up. I hope you agree and decide to join me. This year we have added a half day of photographic access to the Francis G. Ward Pumping Station.

The menu items “Schedule” and “Location” will give you detailed information on what the workshop will consist of and the elevators and areas we will have access to. Please note, access to the various levels of the elevators is by foot only. Some of the elevators are over 150 feet high and reaching the top can be a strenuous climb. Stairways are not illuminated and the condition of some steps are is less than ideal. Once you are registered I will send you a detailed list of what to bring.

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