The Lens Mount Guide: Part 3

Contax G, AF (Rangefinder) 35mm

Contax 645, AF Medium Format

Contax N, AF 35mm

Contax, MF 35mm

Zeiss Contax Rangefinder, MF 35mm

Zeiss Contaflex, MF 35mm

Zeiss Contarex, MF 35mm

Kodak Retina Reflex, MF 35mm

Kodak Retina, MF (Rangefinder) 35mm

Fuji G690BL, MF Medium Format

Fuji GX680, MF Medium Format
Fuji GX617, MF Panoramic Medium Format

Konica, MF 35mm

Sony Alpha, AF D-SLR

Sony E System (NEX), AF D-SLR

Rollei 35mm (2 pin), MF 35mm

Rollei 35mm (3 pin), MF 35mm

Rollei 35mm (1- chrome pin denotes “1 pin”. 2- chrome lever denotes “2 pin”. 3- recessed ridge around mount denotes “3 pin”), MF 35mm

Rollei Medium Format, MF Medium Format

Exacta (with shutter release arm/automatic presetting device- not on all Exacta lenses), MF 35mm

Miranda, MF 35mm

Panasonic Digital, AF D-SLR

Sigma Digital (SA mount), AF D-SLR

Topcon, MF 35mm
Topcon (with shutter release arm), MF 35mm

Yashcia, AF 35mm

Tamron Adaptall (without adaptall mount), MF 35mm

Tamron Adaptall (with removable adaptall mount for Nikon), MF 35mm

“T mount” (Screw-on mount adapter)

“TX mount” (TX mount adapter on a lens. Identified by O-L switch on side)

Large Format Lens

Enlarger lens (darkroom)

More Information-

Abbreviations used above:
AF = Auto focus
MF = Manual focus
D-SLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex

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  1. You missed a few, namely pentacon six mount. And petri.

  2. We did miss a few, yes. We were only able to do what we had in stock and had available to photograph.

  3. Thanks! Great Article!
    Just what I’ve been looking for some time now.
    Should print this out for the next time I hit the flea markets 🙂

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