Camera Wrist Strap Cover

Yesterday we posted a bunch of different ideas for customizing your camera straps. Personalizing them is low-cost and only takes a small amount of your time to turn a regular strap into something a little more fun. Today we’re giving you step-by-step instructions on how to complete one of the customizations we mentioned yesterday, which is covering your point-and-shoot camera strap (friendship bracelet style).

What you will need: 

  • Basic camera hand-strap 
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread (you can pick this up for under $1 at most craft stores)

To start: You can choose to use one color, or multiple colors for this. For one color, you will tie the end of one string to the end of your camera strap. For multiple colors, tie the ends of all of those colored strings to the end of the camera strap.

The pattern shown is simple, and requires a series of the same knot over and over again, while slightly turning the strap as you go to create a spiral pattern. Simply put, you will: Loop thread, pull through, and pull up.

1- Pull the thread from over the top of the strap to the right, and then under the strap to the left.
2- Loop the thread back over the strap to the right.

3- Pull the thread through the bottom of the loop.

4- Pull the thread, and then push the looped knot up towards the others (or for your first loop, towards the original knot of string). 
5- After every couple of knots, you should slightly turn the strap before making your next knot. This will create the spiral “staircase” pattern that follows the curve of your strap.
6- Once you reach the end, make a double knot at the end, snip the excess string with scissors, and trim any excess from the starting point.

* If you are using multiple colors/strings, then you will want to hold the other threads that you are not currently knotting with against the strap so that the knotted thread goes over the other threads just like it does the strap. Every so often, you can switch colors by simply adding your current thread to the strap/thread pile, and picking out another one to use as your main knotting thread.


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  1. I remember making friendship bracelets well. Never thought about using it in this way though.

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