Thursday, June 17th marks the 6th month anniversary for the KEH Blog! We’ve really enjoyed being able to publish this page for you and hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. We’re also looking forward to what the next 6 months will bring.

So, because we love you, we’re hosting a giveaway right here on the KEH Blog page. Contest runs Monday, June 14th-Tuesday, June 22nd. Winner will be drawn at random and announced on Wednesday 6/23. Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to KEH!

*To enter, leave us a comment and let us know one of the following: What has your favorite post been? What have you learned from reading our site? Have you purchased anything after seeing it on here? Only one of these entries per person.

For an additional entry: Tweet and/or blog about our site and the giveaway. Leave a comment here with the URL to your post or tweet in it.

For those of you without a Blogger account, please make sure NOT to use the “anonymous” option. Under “Choose an identity”, select Name/URL. If you have some type of website, you can enter it into the URL space. Make sure to fill out your first AND last name. We will post the winner by name, and it is the winners responsibility to contact us with their information so that we can send your gift certificate. You can also choose to leave an email address in your comment so that we can easily contact you. If the winner has not contacted us by Monday 6/28, another winner will be chosen.

Now enter, spread the word, and good luck!

**If you are leaving a comment to be entered into the contest, make sure to leave it on THIS post. Otherwise, you will not be in the “pot” of people to randomly draw from. Also, if you’re entering for your second entry (because you either blogged, FB, or Tweeted about the giveaway), then also make sure to leave a separate/second comment on this post thread.



  1. Hi,

    My favorite posts have been the behind the scenes stuff. I’ve also learned a lot about older cameras.


    Mark Olwick

  2. My favorite post was the one on the Minolta Miniflex ( I thought it was a great little feature on a unique item. Of course, I’m one of those junkies who loves unique old cameras, so it’s right up my alley!

    Congrats on the 6 months!

  3. I’ve been trying to cut back on the number of blogs I read, but not this one. The whole KEHblog website has been a valuable resource so it’s tough to pick one post that has been my favorite. Instead, I’ll say that my favorite resource is putting the PDF’s up on the website — like the roadshow and the “gone green” catalog. Keep up the great work!

  4. My favorite so far has been this one:

    I love seeing the tools and workbenches that people use for specific jobs.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I just signed up for this blog a week or so ago so no favorite yet. Do like looking for my lense needs on your site too!

  6. My favorite post is Vintage Ads – Summer. Just brings back good memories. (hope this is not a double post – if it is, please delete the other one)

  7. **If you are leaving a comment to be entered into the contest, make sure to leave it on THIS post. Otherwise, you will not be in the “pot” of people to randomly draw from. Also, if you’re entering for your second entry (because you either blogged, FB, or Tweeted about the giveaway), then also make sure to leave a separate/second comment on this post thread.

  8. My favorite posts are the ones that show how things are behind the scenes at KEH!

  9. Great site. I just posted the following tweet about the current contest…

    Keh Camera Blog is giving away $50 #contest #photography

    Favorite post.. I would have to say it’s ‘Reasons to Buy Used’. As much as I love digital, I still find myself drawn to the equipment I wanted at a time in my life when I was unable to afford it.

  10. I personally not have purchased anything from but I have heard it is the place to go to buy used equipment. I definitely have my eye out on a few items so I am sure I will be purchasing from KEH in the future.

  11. As a strobist, my favourite post has been about flash and lighting. Especially the tips about the PC cords.

    I’m hoping to see more of this as I know a lot of the younger kids on here will appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. I like “jumping off for creative lighting”. It’s very informative, and I like the example photo.

  13. Alright, here’s my second entry.

    Here’s my tweet:

  14. My favorite post is the one about Vintage Ads ( I like looking through these old ads and seeing how things have changed since then.

    I’ve learned that used equipment is perfectly fine and that KEH is the best place to buy it.

  15. I like the vintage ads posts as well.

  16. I’ve really enjoyed the blog, especially the links posts. One of my favorite posts was Filters 101,

  17. I like the behind the scenes photos – seeing a repair desk was interesting.

  18. I liked the “tips for keeping gear clean” post:

    Honestly I think you’ve got a good mix on this blog of general photography info, gear, tips, and “behind the scenes at KEH,” all of which I enjoy.

  19. Was my fave post, just looking back from there to now, nothing has changed just the brands and the features.
    john @

  20. Found your site searching for my first camera. Love the large selection of used.

  21. What has your favorite post been?

    Brief history + old photos

    It was really interesting to see what the layout is. Maybe you could run a contest and the winner gets a tour of the warehouse?? That would be incredible to see all that gear in one place!

    yuri @

  22. My favorite blog post is one that is very informational for me as I prepare myself to make my first purchase on Keh!

    Here is my Twitter update:

  23. My favorite post has been “Reasons to Buy Used”. I am in the search of buying a used DSLR and a friend recommended me to this site. I have learned that buying a used DSLR is the way to go for me. I have not purchased anything yet, but I’m definitely keep my eyes open for a great deal on a DSLR.

  24. I liked the post about how you grade equipment. I plan to upgrade equipment soon!

  25. My favorite posts are the “behind the scenes” series – shocking, I know! 🙂 If I had to pick one…. I think the most recent one – “Day of a Repair Clerk” ( It has the most personality!

    Clever way to gather feedback & exposure btw!

  26. my favorite blog was on filters 101, it really assisted me in taking the photos that i wanted. thanks guys for being honest in your ratings on camera stuff we all appreciate it!

    robert A.

  27. Your blog is fun which is great because photography is fun, too! Too many blogs and sites are far too serious and bogged (blogged) down by too much techie stuff that takes away from the magic of photography. I came across your site very recently on the hunt for good, used gear and am impressed by the amount of cool stuff for sale (not to mention the grading chart) as well as the cool stuff to read. Me thinks I might need a mini digital camera or a Zeiss Ikon with blue leather! So fav posts so far have been the unique cameras as well, vintage posters as well as the behind-the-scenes.

  28. Just received shipment place on Friday 18 June for a Hassy lens and strap! Incredible service equal only to the product in the package! Thanks KEH

  29. Rebecca D’s email addy, in the event I’m picked, is:

  30. My favorite post?
    Well, considering I just found your awesome blog, (and will be bookmarking it) I’d have to say the “Reasons to buy used” definitely raised an eyebrow.
    I never realized that manufacturer’s recalls were 2%! The post was super informative and has persuaded me to buy more used equipment.

    I have only purchased new lenses from KEH in the past, but I’ve decided today to sell a few of my pieces and to buy a used lens that I’ve been pining away for.

    One last thing, you guys are so extremely pleasant and actually “fun” to deal with over the phone and in person… not like one of your competitors. KEH rules. Thanks for not being snobby.

    Oh, and I’m so blogging about your site.

  31. Fave post…..Simple Table Top at Home. Being a beginner, I need all the tips I can get!

  32. Entries are now closed. Winner will be announced later today.

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