Identifying Wood Types for Large Format Cameras

One of the unique features of some large format cameras is that they are beautifully crafted out of a variety of woods. For someone who isn’t very familiar with the different types, this guide will help you in identifying the different wood options. (Keep in mind that colors, shades/tints, and wood grain can all vary within one wood type, but this is a pretty good general representation of the woods.)

Cherry: A slightly yellowish wood, sometimes with pink tones. Color becomes darkened by sun or time. Used in both 4×5 Wista Field and Zone VI Classic cameras.
Mahogany: A reddish brown. Used in Zone VI Classic cameras.

Rosewood: A rich reddish brown. Often confused with Mahogany but will have black or white rings in the wood grain. Usually richer, redder, and darker than most mahogany samples. Used in 4×5 Wista Filed cameras.
Walnut: A traditional brown. Used in Zone VI Classic cameras.

Ebony: A darker brown, often smoky or blackish. Used in 4×5 Zone VI cameras.



  1. I love these contemporary cameras. We used to place them over wheeled trolleys with router bits for the steady shots.

  2. Those are lovely and large cameras. I am pretty sure that the different frames used to house these cameras have sturdy foundations since they are connected using concrete screws.

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