Interesting Articles

* Pinhole Camera Made with Photo Paper

* Simple Ways to Green Your Business

* Debate over the ethics of an award winning image

* Legoton, Mark I- a working 4×5 camera made from Legos

* Publish Your Photography Book- new book by Mary Virginia Swanson and Darius D. Himes

* SlowExposures Call for entries (celebrating photography of the rural south), deadline: 6/15/11

* Jesh de Rox’s “Beloved” Webinar Ignites a Twitter Tempest

* DreamWorks plans movie based on the demise of Kodachrome

* Limited Edition Pentax K-r  Rilakkkuma (brown bear) Camera (Japan). 1,000 units will be released 7/8/11.

* How CCD Sensors Are Manufactured

* NY Times Journalist Lynsey Addario: “It’s What I Do”

* Awkward Stock Photos

* Social Media Guidelines: Legal Considerations

* Piss Christ Photo Destroyed by Radicals in Avignon, France

* A DIY setup to defy gravity

* Recover Images from a Damaged SD Card


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