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Kid-Friendly Photo Crafts

This post is the last in our “Kids Week” series (October 10-14) on the KEH Camera Blog.

* Make a photo puzzle-

Making a photo puzzle is super easy. Start by printing out a photograph on paper. You can use photo paper, or regular printer paper. For this, I used regular paper and then used a glue stick to glue the paper onto a piece of cardboard (a cereal box). Then all you have to do is cut the cardboard image up. You can measure it out so that all of the pieces are the same size and shape if you like, or you can cut the pieces in random shapes and sizes. If you’re really skilled, you can also try to cut actual puzzle shapes. The way you make it is totally up to you!

Other puzzle options include buying a Photo Puzzle Kit like these, or you may want to consider making photo puzzle blocks like this.

* Take portrait photos and spruce up an old Guess Who? game-

 “Family Guess Who?” game by Becki Madsen, Madsens Memories

* Turn a bracelet into a camera strap-

There’s a few ways to do this… you can add a jump ring or clip onto the bracelet and attach it to the camera strap lug. For some bracelet and camera combos you may be able to loop it through the lug itself, or cut the bracelet apart and re-bead after you have strung it through the strap lug.  Other ideas for customizing fun camera straps are to bead one, make a lanyard strap, make a friendship bracelet strap (tutorial here), or customize by adding on other elements (more ideas here). 

* Make DIY lacing (learn-to-sew) cards-

Find the How-To here.

* Other fun ideas of things to do with your photographs- Make a calendar, make greeting cards, make a memory game, have your photos printed on gifts (keychains, jewelry, coffee mugs, etc.), print them out onto iron-on paper and transfer your images to fabric for T-shirts, tote bags, pillow cases, etc. You can also personalize journals with your photos, have fun modifying and redesigning plastic cameras, make fun custom filters, and make crafts from repurposed photographic supplies such as film spools and lens tubes.

* Kodak also offers up some fun photo craft ideas for kids here

– JF


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