MLK Day and the Photographer

During the civil rights movement, photographers took photos that served as important documentation to make the public aware of the inequality and disparate treatment experienced by African-Americans. It was a service performed that has had lasting effects. These impactful images provide firsthand accounts of a poignant period in America’s history for those of us who weren’t around then.

To honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a day of service, photographers can offer to volunteer their skills for charitable causes or services.

Local community centers and organizations often need photographers who can spend some time documenting their activities and events for websites or publications. In some cases they will even provide training for new volunteers. Volunteering may mean no compensation, but it can be a thoroughly rewarding and relaxing experience. Not only are you giving back to the community, but also preserving it in the form of a photo.

Images are a powerful force. They can shed light on a typically unseen moment or preserve events in time for posterity. That is the power photographers possess in their hands every time they pick up a camera.

So look up your local photographer volunteer opportunities today as a way to honor the memory and service of Martin Luther King Jr. and all the civil rights photographers.


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