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Top Pic of the Week: Patrick McAllister

Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Patrick McAllister! He used his Sony A7II to capture these amazing images. 

I purchased my first camera in July of 2014. It was a Fujifilm point & shoot. In August of the same year, I was introduced to the world of DSLR cameras and that is when the journey really started to take off. When I first got my feet wet in the world of photography, I was focusing on any and everything. I took photographs of insects, plants, benches, other photos, my yard, and just about everything around my house.

If I had to describe my photography style in one word, I would say “emotional.” I think daily life has a huge impact on the images I want to capture, and my main objective is to make people feel something when they see one of my images. If I feel happy, I want an image to reflect that. If I feel free, I want the image to scream that loudly. I think my style is emotional. Photographically, I think my style is bold and crisp.

I currently shoot with a Sony A7II and I absolutely love it. My favorite lens is easily the 50mm. I just started shooting with some older manual lenses, and they are incredible. I have a 45mm Minolta lens on my camera and I may not take it off for a couple months!

Bird Flying Towards One World Trade: ISO 80, 50mm, f/1.4,1/1600sec

This photo was captured at Exchange Place in Jersey City, New Jersey. The New York skyline, particularly the skyline of Lower Manhattan inspires me like no other. As I was walking around taking in the city view, the birds that were flying around the pier that overlooks the Hudson River immediately captured me. One World Trade Center has always captivated me and I am always looking for creative ways to capture its beauty. I decided to stand along the railing that runs along the pier to see if I could just capture a bird standing in front of the skyline. Something I would have not expected at all happened when this beautiful bird took off, spread its wings, and headed directly toward what I consider the most beautiful skyline in the world.

Williamsburg Bridge Reflection:ISO 100,20mm,f/3.5,1/200sec

This photo was taken underneath the Williamsburg Bridge in the Lower East Side. When I arrived at this scene, I captured a few shots underneath the bridge but was really underwhelmed with my photos. I have made it a habit to immerse myself in environments, in an effort to make sure I don’t miss any potential shots. As I walked around and just enjoyed the cloudy day, some pillars were spotted with a small amount of water on top. After noticing that a reflection sat in one of the droplets, a fellow photographer found a cup in the trash that we filled with water from a puddle nearby. We poured the water on top of the pillar and the fun began. I waited patiently for a runner to come by and just happened to catch him in the right spot.


Umbrella Covered In Rain Drops: ISO200, 50mm, f/1.4, 1/200sec

This image is one of my absolute favorites because it immediately invokes a lot of emotion. Rainy/cloudy days are my absolute favorite, and a rainy day in Lower Manhattan beats just about anything. As I walked down Broadway, I looked around for umbrellas that caught my attention. If you ever shoot with me in the rain, you will quickly notice that I can tell you what kind of umbrella creates the best look with rain gathered on top. My friends have even joked with me and called me an Umbrella specialist. Ha! As this gentleman stepped in front of me, I knew immediately that I needed the shot. He moved across the street pretty quickly, so I tried my best to focus quickly and get a shot. I like the result!

Lower Manhattan Sunrise

The photo was captured about three weeks ago at Exchange Place in Jersey City, New Jersey. This image is actually several images stacked on top of each other. I wanted to create the long exposure look but unfortunately did not have filters with me. Sony incorporates some different applications that allow you to stack images on top of each other in-camera instead of having to do it in postproduction. This image became an instant favorite. It was absolutely FREEZING out this morning and I arrived at about 5:30am and waited until about 7:14am to get this shot. One word of advice; always take gloves on cold days! I did not have gloves and I still think my hands are cold right now!

I am inspired by life. The people I meet and the experiences I have been through drive the content that I put out. I do not take any photos without spending a good amount of time scanning the area. Whenever I shoot, I want to bring out my emotions and feelings with the subject or subjects I’m photographing. I have stood in places for one or two hours without taking a photograph, just to get a feeling of how I can make my idea come to life. As someone who focuses heavily on street photography, I think it is easy to think that you need to move quickly in every situation. While some instances call for quick reaction with your camera to catch the right shot, most of the time I have found that taking a step back and just becoming a part of the scene produces the best results.

I genuinely love the subjects I am photographing and I hope that shows when I share. I believe that is key when you take a picture. I love the people, I love the animals, I love the scenery, I love the buildings, and most of all I love being able to share it with other people.

Thank you, Patrick, for allowing us to share these photos! Check out more of his photography on his website PatrickMPhotography.com and on Instagram  @i_ampatrick.

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