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Photo Contest Winner!

We are pleased to announce the winner of the KEH Camera Photo Contest!  Congratulations to Solson Scherman!  His photograph entitled “Doña Iris” was selected by our panel of judges as the winner and recipient of a $200 KEH Camera gift certificate.

Doña Iris, by Solson Scherman

Behind the Image:
The photo was taken on the occasion of Doña Iris’ birthday. She’s the Grandmother of my best friend, and suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s disease. At the time of the photograph she believed she was 10 years old, and no longer recognized her son (hugging her). His joy is seeing his mother happy, hers, was the cake and presents. That’s kind of what family is all about, trying to find the good despite the bad.

Thank you so much Solson, and thank you to all who participated!



  1. Beautiful and touching photograph. I have a grandfather that is going through the same and each day it seems as if he is reliving a different part of his life. It’s a very difficult time for him and our family as we try and keep him living independent of nursing homes. So this photograph really touches me in different ways. The pure emotion in her face can not be denied as her son holds on to that moment. Huge congratulations for capturing the human spirit and emotion.

    1. Wonderful Image and story.

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