Polaroid 800 Land Camera

The Polaroid 800 Land Camera, or simply “The 800” as it is sometimes called, is an instant film camera produced by Polaroid from 1957-1962.  It is very similar to the Polaroid 150 in that it has a coupled rangefinder, parallax correction and a hot shoe.  The 800 also features a carefully selected, high precision 130mm f8.8 three element glass lens, an electronically tested shutter and permanently lubricated roller bearings.  The camera also has a polished steel body with a light tan textured coating, and bellows that collapse for compact storage when not in use.

The Polaroid 800 has both a viewfinder window, and a rangefinder window on the back of the camera.  The shooter must look through the rangefinder window to focus the camera, and then through the viewfinder window to compose the image.  Unlike many Polaroid cameras that utilized pack film, the 800 model used instant roll film.  Roll film came in two rolls with a positive and negative, and was exposed inside the camera.  This was different from pack film that develops outside the camera.  Unfortunately instant roll film is no longer made for this type of camera.  However, this great vintage find would make a handsome decorative piece, or be perfect for those looking for a conversion project.

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  1. I taught myself photography on my grandfather’s 800 in the 70’s. It lead to a life-long career in photography. I loved the labor-intensive process and anticipation of the “instant” results. The smell of the inside of the big, heavy leather case and b/w print coater takes me back to those magical times when I dig it out of storage and enjoy telling stories to today’s hipster generation of how we did things back then, and knowing that grandpa and I shared the same photographic experience. Priceless.

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