The Path of Equipment

An illustrative look at the path the consumer equipment takes
(thanks to Maxx for letting us tag along on its journey)
“goodbye old family, hello world” (on the way to KEH)
arriving at KEH in the receiving department
checked in and waiting to be evaluated (don’t worry Maxx, waiting is the scariest part)
in tech support having a good ol’ check-up
waiting for a deal to be made in purchasing
hanging out with new friends on the shelf
being boxed in fulfillment and headed to a new home
::knock, knock, click, click:: It’s me, your new camera, your new friend!
aw, welcome to your new home Maxx


  1. This is so awesome. Why has no one commented? Hope Maxx is getting along well in his new home.

  2. Okay, you’re right. It is pretty awesome. And Maxx’s big brother RB67 just made his journey from Smyrna to northern Indiana and my doorstep this week, so I’m especially glad the process works!

    Now, if I could somehow know where this RB *originally* came from (other than Japan,) that’d be even cooler.

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